Sustainable design is an eco-friendly approach to interior design that brings together all the sustainability principles by incorporating nature and natural resources. You can achieve sustainable interior design by choosing and carefully evaluating the products and materials that you intend to use for interior design to create a more sustainable environment.

In light of this, Tylko is ready to help you choose the best sustainable design philosophy and make changes in your home and design. Check out from the list below and select sustainable interior design principles to help you achieve the change you want.

1. Design for minimal environmental effect

This principle will help you to conserve natural resources must in a responsible manner. From a sustainability perspective, interior designers must help you choose materials wisely. You should also use products that have low environmental sway. The utilization of renewable products and materials for interior designing projects is crucial in today’s ecological situation.

2. Design for waste reduction

Waste reduction is an essential principle for sustainable interior design. As such, your interior designer should help you come up with an efficient waste reduction strategy. At Tylko, we help you ensure that you apply the best design and suggest the best waste reduction technologies to ensure that you meet your waste management objectives. We help you to identify and use practical tactics that can help you save natural resources. At Tylko, we understand that earth resources are limited, and it is our commitment to helping you utilize the resources wisely.

3. Design for energy conservation

It would be best to reduce the domestic energy needed for running home appliances, heating, lighting, and polishing. With this in mind, Tylko is committed to ensuring that you get the latest generation of technologies and materials to help you conserve energy and reduce environmental impact. This approach aims to help you enhance your domestic energy efficiency. We understand that energy consumption is one of the major contributors to unfavorable climatic conditions. As such, Tylko will guide you to ensure that your interior design focuses on energy conservation.

4. Design for flexibility and longevity

We often discard household equipment and furniture once they are no longer useful. Your interior should help you to estimate the lifespan of the household equipment to ensure flexibility and longevity. By applying a selective approach, you stand to reduce the overall cost of your household items.