The many options available out there can make choosing the right bookcase for your home needs a daunting task. Do you want built-in cases or pedestal shelving to serve as the centerpiece in a room? Just as the name suggests, a bookcase is a furniture unit most look for book storage only, but there’s much more. Bookcases are versatile and can be used to organize a range of everyday items. Although choosing the bookcase size depends on the room’s size, there are other general tips you should consider to make a great choice.

Confirm your dimensions

Bookcases are available in several shapes and sizes, so choosing a piece that will fit in your room should be a priority. Measure out your room, and confirm the ceiling height. If you plan to place your bookcase between windows, make sure you measure the clear span. Taking measurements is key in making a wise decision and avoiding impeding traffic flow.

Ladder and leaning bookcases

Leaning and ladder bookcases offer various ways to organize your books besides adding décor to your home or office. Their lean-to construction is excellent for dorms and apartments where the management might prohibit affixing anything on the walls.

Your overall interior design theme

The bookcase you choose should, of course, match with your interior décor. If you’re into eclectic or vintage interior design style, then a hand-carved wood bookcase will be an excellent pick. A sleek stained or polished solid wood bookshelf would be a good addition to a modern house. A bookcase with a distressed face would match a rustic or cottage interior design style.

What you need vs. what you want

Bookcase functionality varies. For instance, some solid wood cases are for storing and keeping items out of sight, such as cases with doors and drawers, while others display trinkets their shelves hold, for example, ladder or corner bookcases.

Choose a mute-colored bookcase

If you have a small room, you’d better choose a bookshelf with a similar color to your walls, so your beautiful books and rare souvenirs remain the main focus.

Choose the right construction material

Tylko’s veneer and Plywood bookcases are good examples of affordable and portable bookcases. There are other options made of metal and solid hardwood, and although durable, they are expensive and cumbersome.

If your book collection is something you’d want to last for generations, then you better begin thinking about proper care.