Our 5 useful tips are sure to prove invaluable when updating a home for spring.

1. Let the Light In

Heavy curtains and blinds keep things cosy when it’s cold outside. However, as nights become lighter, they can make rooms look dull and dreary. Replace heavy drapes with Roman blinds or net curtains and pick lighter colours or semi-transparent fabrics.

2. The Magic of Paint

Whatever mood you’re trying to achieve, paint can be a big help. Lately, painting rooms entirely in white has become a major trend. White paint is often cheaper than coloured paint and is the ideal starting point. Add cushions, lamp shades, rugs or picture frames in springtime colours like primrose, bluebell, mint, rose or peach to create the desired mood.

3. Bring the Garden Indoors

Everyone associates spring with tender green foliage and the first flowers of the season. Bowls of daffodils and irises, pots of hyacinths or sprigs of pussy willow in tall vases all work well in most rooms. Remember, And, there are lots of realistic artificial alternatives to choose from.

4. Let the Sunshine In

Open blinds and windows to let in air and the sounds of spring.

5. Change Your Bedding

It’s time to pack away the 13.5 tog duvet and get the 10.5 tog out for spring. It’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some pretty duvet covers and perhaps a matching rug that will enhance the lightness of those white walls.