5 Ways to Update a Home for Spring

Our 5 useful tips are sure to prove invaluable when updating a home for spring.

1. Let the Light In

Heavy curtains and blinds keep things cosy when it’s cold outside. However, as nights become lighter, they can make rooms look dull and dreary. Replace heavy drapes with Roman blinds or net curtains and pick lighter colours or semi-transparent fabrics.

2. The Magic of Paint

Whatever mood you’re trying to achieve, paint can be a big help. Lately, painting rooms entirely in white has become a major trend. White paint is often cheaper than coloured paint and is the ideal starting point. Add cushions, lamp shades, rugs or picture frames in springtime colours like primrose, bluebell, mint, rose or peach to create the desired mood.

3. Bring the Garden Indoors

Everyone associates spring with tender green foliage and the first flowers of the season. Bowls of daffodils and irises, pots of hyacinths or sprigs of pussy willow in tall vases all work well in most rooms. Remember, And, there are lots of realistic artificial alternatives to choose from.

4. Let the Sunshine In

Open blinds and windows to let in air and the sounds of spring.

5. Change Your Bedding

It’s time to pack away the 13.5 tog duvet and get the 10.5 tog out for spring. It’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some pretty duvet covers and perhaps a matching rug that will enhance the lightness of those white walls.

Exciting Principles of Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainable design is an eco-friendly approach to interior design that brings together all the sustainability principles by incorporating nature and natural resources. You can achieve sustainable interior design by choosing and carefully evaluating the products and materials that you intend to use for interior design to create a more sustainable environment.

In light of this, Tylko is ready to help you choose the best sustainable design philosophy and make changes in your home and design. Check out from the list below and select sustainable interior design principles to help you achieve the change you want.

1. Design for minimal environmental effect

This principle will help you to conserve natural resources must in a responsible manner. From a sustainability perspective, interior designers must help you choose materials wisely. You should also use products that have low environmental sway. The utilization of renewable products and materials for interior designing projects is crucial in today’s ecological situation.

2. Design for waste reduction

Waste reduction is an essential principle for sustainable interior design. As such, your interior designer should help you come up with an efficient waste reduction strategy. At Tylko, we help you ensure that you apply the best design and suggest the best waste reduction technologies to ensure that you meet your waste management objectives. We help you to identify and use practical tactics that can help you save natural resources. At Tylko, we understand that earth resources are limited, and it is our commitment to helping you utilize the resources wisely.

3. Design for energy conservation

It would be best to reduce the domestic energy needed for running home appliances, heating, lighting, and polishing. With this in mind, Tylko is committed to ensuring that you get the latest generation of technologies and materials to help you conserve energy and reduce environmental impact. This approach aims to help you enhance your domestic energy efficiency. We understand that energy consumption is one of the major contributors to unfavorable climatic conditions. As such, Tylko will guide you to ensure that your interior design focuses on energy conservation.

4. Design for flexibility and longevity

We often discard household equipment and furniture once they are no longer useful. Your interior should help you to estimate the lifespan of the household equipment to ensure flexibility and longevity. By applying a selective approach, you stand to reduce the overall cost of your household items.

Choose a perfect bookcase for your home!

The many options available out there can make choosing the right bookcase for your home needs a daunting task. Do you want built-in cases or pedestal shelving to serve as the centerpiece in a room? Just as the name suggests, a bookcase is a furniture unit most look for book storage only, but there’s much more. Bookcases are versatile and can be used to organize a range of everyday items. Although choosing the bookcase size depends on the room’s size, there are other general tips you should consider to make a great choice.

Confirm your dimensions

Bookcases are available in several shapes and sizes, so choosing a piece that will fit in your room should be a priority. Measure out your room, and confirm the ceiling height. If you plan to place your bookcase between windows, make sure you measure the clear span. Taking measurements is key in making a wise decision and avoiding impeding traffic flow.

Ladder and leaning bookcases

Leaning and ladder bookcases offer various ways to organize your books besides adding décor to your home or office. Their lean-to construction is excellent for dorms and apartments where the management might prohibit affixing anything on the walls.

Your overall interior design theme

The bookcase you choose should, of course, match with your interior décor. If you’re into eclectic or vintage interior design style, then a hand-carved wood bookcase will be an excellent pick. A sleek stained or polished solid wood bookshelf would be a good addition to a modern house. A bookcase with a distressed face would match a rustic or cottage interior design style.

What you need vs. what you want

Bookcase functionality varies. For instance, some solid wood cases are for storing and keeping items out of sight, such as cases with doors and drawers, while others display trinkets their shelves hold, for example, ladder or corner bookcases.

Choose a mute-colored bookcase

If you have a small room, you’d better choose a bookshelf with a similar color to your walls, so your beautiful books and rare souvenirs remain the main focus.

Choose the right construction material

Tylko’s veneer and Plywood bookcases are good examples of affordable and portable bookcases. There are other options made of metal and solid hardwood, and although durable, they are expensive and cumbersome.

If your book collection is something you’d want to last for generations, then you better begin thinking about proper care.

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